Friday, February 20, 2015

Shinohayu Chapter 17: The Girls of Yumachi 2

This is the latest released chapter of Shinohayu. Not for long though because there should be a new one published next week. Volume 3 is also released next week. So much to look forward to.

Enjoy the chapter:
Shinohayu ch 17 (MEGA)
Shinohayu ch 17 (MediaFire)

Friday, February 13, 2015

Shinohayu Chapter 16: The Girls of Yumachi 1

Last time, the Yue arc ended and now a new arc begins. I feel like the story is still quite open at this point. It's exciting just thinking about what's going to come next.

The original japanese title for this chapter is "Yumachi no ko" which can be interpreted in different ways as "the child/girl/girls of Yumachi". In English, it's not possible to transmit this ambiguity so I chose "girls" for this translation because, unlike previous arcs, this one seems to be more about the group of girls than about one in particular. This also seems to be the prevalent opinion on several japanese sites I looked. Perhaps future chapters will clear up this ambiguity.

Shinohayu ch16 (MEGA)
Shinohayu ch16 (MediaFire)

Friday, February 6, 2015

Shinohayu Chapter 15: Yue 3

Here it is: the next chapter. This one's so good. Shinohayu is always good though. Enjoy the chapter.

Download it here:
Shinohayu ch15 v2 (MEGA) 

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Shinohayu Chapter 14: Yue 2

Hi. I'm Akio. I like Shinohayu and I wanted to translate something so I made this. My first scanlation! It was fun! Also, this chapter was published back in October but I couldn't find an English translation for it so I thought: maybe someone will want to read it. I hope you like it.

Download it here:
Shinohayu ch14 (MEGA)