Sunday, May 29, 2016

Shinohayu ch33: Lieutenant Match

The battle between Shino and Aina rages on!
I like how Aina makes casual references to Shino's "ability" without actually mentioning it or making a big deal out of it.
Shinohayu ch33 (Mega)
Shinohayu ch33 (Mediafire)
I wrote a little explanation/analysis for the very last hand of this chapter. I think it helps understand the words and actions of some of the characters and increases the enjoyment (hopefully). I'm putting it inside spoiler tags since it obviously contains spoilers for this chapter. Please read it if you like:

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Saki ch159: Preparations

This is a nice chapter but unfortunately it's not much more than a draft for most of the pages. Ritz herself said this is the chapter that was "the farthest from completion". Let's hope the next one will have more ink in it.
Saki 159 (Mega)
Saki 159 (Mediafire)

On another note, someone asked me if I could provide a quick summary of Ritz's blog posts with chapter releases. Sure why not, Ritz reveals interesting things to her readers sometimes and her posts are rather infrequent anyway. There was a post just a few days ago so let's begin with that one after the break:

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Saki ch158: The Night Before

When writing character's names in romaji, Ritz uses the western order (surname last) and I use the eastern order (surname first). There are no rules about this so both ways are correct.

I've always used the eastern order so far and nobody has complained so I assume most of you are fine with this but let me know otherwise. I like using the eastern order but I wouldn't mind using the western one if the majority wanted it that way. The only issue with using the eastern order is that sometimes there'll be chapters like this one where the western order is used by the author and this introduces some inconsistency in the naming.

Ok that's all, enjoy the chapter:

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Shinohayu ch32: Upperclassman

Shino's first official match as a middle school student is against one of the strongest players in the region: Moriwaki Aina. I hope you enjoy it.
Shinohayu ch32 (Mega)
Shinohayu ch32 (Mediafire)