Sunday, June 19, 2016

Saki ch161: Comrades in Arms

As you probably know, the new Toki manga begins publishing next week. Assuming it has a nice story and all, Akio Translations will provide a translation for it. However, since it gets published on the same day as Shinohayu and Saki Biyori, if the raws also appear on the same day, it will have to get in line. Right now I intend to keep giving priority to Shinohayu (and of course to Saki when it applies). For the others, I'll see as I go.

Anyway on other news Ritz made a new blog post but doesn't say much, mainly talks about her usual troubles with adding ink and screentone to all pages. The chapter is nearly complete though so she didn't do so bad this time. Enjoy:
Saki ch161 (Mega)
Saki ch161 (Mediafire)


  1. If Toki now can use people's attempt to shift tiles when she goes for ippatsu-richi... 1st round can quickly become pretty one-sided.
    Go, futuristic player!

  2. Tanoshii~ Don't worry about Toki manga being a bit late, spinoffs not by Ritz won't be that interesting.

  3. Thanks Akio.

    I just hope the Toki spinoff won't be filled by just sick girl drama.

  4. Thanks for your work
    By the way since you're talking about spinoffs, where does the Ritz manga fits in the Saki universe ? (also i've seen a raw, and it looks more like Mudazumo than Saki in terms of style and general feel)
    And for your release order, just do it as you want :D (and you're working fast anyway, so it's not like it's gonna be delayed weeks)

    1. From my understanding, the Ritz manga was just a parady manga made by the person who made the mahjong manga, 'The Legend of Koizumi'. The Ritz manga was only a one-shot manga that was added as special chapters in said manga. The manga is just about Ritz herself and some of the things that happened to her such as her operation (Achiga-hen chapter) and a random depiction of how the meeting between Ritz and the spin off manga artists (Shinohayu Chapter).
      Someone can correct me if I am wrong

  5. Woow! Im excited for the finals!