Saturday, September 24, 2016

Saki ch165: Free-for-all Fight

It's the end of the vanguard match! Enjoy:
A couple of translation notes:
  • "Tsumogiri" is when a player draws a tile and discards it right away. I didn't put a note because I thought most readers already know it or can look it up easily.
  • This time, I decided to leave Yuuko's "nanoyo" as it is. It doesn't mean anything, it's just her way of ending sentences. I guess we'll see it often during the sergeant match.
There were a couple of obvious misprints in the original japanese version of this chapter which have already been fixed in this translation. Let me point them out just in case:
  • In page 7, when Ryuuka mentions the 6-sou, in the original she says "9-sou". The 9-sou has nothing to do with this hand, it's clearly the 6-sou that she meant.
  • In the scoreboard in page 14, the point gains/losses of each player were wrong for most of them.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Saki Biyori ch56-57

I was going to release this together with Saki ch165 but the raws aren't out yet. Also, for Toki ch4, the provider of HQ scans was busy this month and didn't have time to clean them. I'd prefer to use the HQ scans if possible so I'll just wait until they're ready. If there was no other choice, then eventually I could use LQ raws. That's the status at the moment, just so you all know.
In the meantime, enjoy some Biyori:
Saki Biyori ch56-57 (Mega) v2
Saki Biyori ch56-57 (Mediafire) v2
v2: fixed some typos.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Saki 164: Subara & Biyori 54-55

Well, it took some time for the raws to come out but it's a Subara chapter!
Saki 164 (Mega)
Saki 164 (Mediafire)

And a double Biyori chapter: Achiga 7 & Kazekoshi 6.
Biyori 54-55 (Mega)
Biyori 54-55 (Mediafire)